Transport kontenerowy – błędy przy załadunku

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Container transport - wrong loading

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Shown below are several configurations of reefer container loading.

Most often errors:

Załadunek chłodni Załadunek chłodni
1. Free spaces between the loads. Only a part of the load neighbouring on the refrigerating unit will be cooled down. The load should be placed "in chorus". 2. Free space between the refrigerating unit and the load. Only this free space will be cooled down. The load should be placed as near the refrigerating unit as practicable.
Załadunek chłodni Załadunek chłodni
3. Free space between the load and the door. Only the external layer of the load will be cooled down. Free space should be covered with cardboard boxes and pallets to force regular circulation of cold air. 4. Load covered with film or ice. It receives no cooling down. In no case will the goods be covered from the top or from the bottom. The air must flow through the load without restraint.

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