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NET-CARGO is a forwarding company based in Gdynia. Being up-to-date on innovative logistics, we offer integrated services in the area of sea and land transport, sea freight, and customs clearance procedures. Active on the Polish market since 2004, we have specialised in container transport of goods by lands and oceans. To complete our portfolio, we provide customs agency services, storage and cargo insurance of your consignments. High quality of our services results from excellent qualifications of NET-CARGO employees who are professionals with comprehensive knowledge of, and long experience in forwarding and customs issues.

Thanks to our own customs agency we can directly handle any and all clearance procedures. This translates into safety within the entire supply chain. A simplified procedure for customs formalities means we can save your time and money…

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Importers and exporters of goods must account for processing thousands of documents. Many such duties may be delegated to our customs agency; still, our basic contribution seems to be relatively unused here.Do remember, please, we are always within reach to help you! We decided to design a single place for any paperwork which is necessary to forward and to clear a consignment as well as a number of other materials which support your business. Our procedures, terms and conditions are plain and clear since the basis for our operations is the Code defined by the Polish Chamber of Forwarding and Logistics. Needless to say we have acquired any and all certificates, permits, and other documents to confirm our competency and necessary experience.

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NET-CARGO Sp. z o.o.

7, Czarnieckiego Street
81-198 Pogórze near Gdynia

Phone: +48 (58) 621 37 81
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